Development of property prices by market segment in Düsseldorf

Due to the growing demand for premium living space and its limited availability particularly in terms of top locations in Düsseldorf an investment in exclusive condominiums at “La Couronne de Düsseldorf” is a sustainable and profitable capital investment that is impervious to crises.

Compared to other European countries the German real estate market is extremely robust and is likely to increase in value. This is evidenced by studies published by leading management consultants. Upmarket residential property combined with top locations in major German cities, in particular, has enormously increased in value.

In national (and international) rankings Düsseldorf has always been a top spot in terms of attractive locations for investors from all over the world. Perfect traffic connections such as Düsseldorf Airport providing direct connections to 180 destinations worldwide and more than 12,000 foreign companies make the city attractive for international investors.

In the premium living segment “La Couronne” is a combination of both a top location and excellent construction quality guaranteeing a positive long-term development. The outstanding location providing an excellent rental income and the exclusive object mean continuous annual increases in value and substantial rental income in the long run.